Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Shopping Excursion

Yesterday, I met with my friend Nico for some shopping at Mr. S and Madame S store'sin San Francisco.  I arrived and was checking everything out there is always something new to discover in making a special trip to this store. They have really high quality SM Gear. I have to say it is by far my favorite sex shop anywhere in the world.  Even while I was on tour I ventured into a few porno stores or novelty shops along the way and that is exactly what they are in comparison, novelty stores. If you are serious about your play Mr. S is the one stop SM SUPER STORE. Check out the website also http://www.mr-s-leather.com

Here are some pictures I took while being a lookie lou.....

Anal beads really large anal beads not those little pearl beads these are the real deal...

This is a rubber piss pot this is on my wish list for sure I never even knew it existed it would be remarkable for piss play and tiolet training...awesome !!!!

COCK can't get enough of this room full of the best quality Dildos So many to choose from and all of them remarkable

 Big Toy Fun Shop

And chances are you are going to need to Lube Up for the Job and they have all the creams and lubes ya need to get elbow deep

Mr. S had everything you need for Enema Play as well. Nozzles of all kinds including some really nice 4quart Silicone Bags and rubber tubing. I love enema sports !!! They also have the Sure Shot best get yourself one cuz they are amazing and, and they have stainless nozzle attachments.


Golden Consumption & Doggie play grrowl

Hand cuffs and Steel Bondage another Simone Kross Fave
seriously I am not just plugging Mr. S here I am really into this stuff and so you have a better idea of what I am into and what I like on maybe a more serious level. This kind of bondage is inescapable and great for the captive scene in addition to endurance bondage which is challenging hahaha
Those fur lined cuffs are silly cute but not really effective.

Ball Gags and Tape Mummification

Some nice folks checking out the implements for impact play. The single tails and canes are top of the line. and there is enough room in this store to try out a whip or two to see how it feels and cracks.

Interrogation Chair You will tell me everything wont you ? Or Else...

I am big dick obsessed *laughing*
I guess I have penis envy....

These are rubber sounds of various diameter. Eurethral play is also something I really truly enjoy in addition to the Elastratorwhich is used for castration games and severe ball torture. Ohhh Ohhh
Those Stainless Nozzles I mentioned before
so many to choose from. Looks pleasurable yes, it does.

After Mr. S it was time for lunch a late lunch and I was starving thank goodness for Hamburgers and Milkshakes and shiny shiny shoes !!!! Had to hit the Macy's for the MAC make up counter. This really nice guy helped me and gave me some make up tips. I got some new black smeary shadow and some glitter and shimmer lip gloss. Pretty falsie eyelashes too. We also made a trip to  Agent Provocateur I got a really cute ploka dot bra and panty set super sexy http://www.agentprovocateur.com

I finally found the Boots I have been looking for aaaaaah. A victoran style boot with the real snap buttons and so If you really really want to make me happy these are the thing !!! I love these shoes and of course they are COACH. The slave that buys me these shoes gets a reward.

Blue Suede Shoes !!!!!!   I MUST HAVE these I think you can understand WHY

It was another amazing day....I will say though SHOE SHOPPING is TORTURE !!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


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Folsom is just so damned HOT and well the freaks were out today no question hahahaha

I made it and found parking at the Costco walked over and there of course was one of the sisters of perpetual indulgence at the gate i paid my penance the $7 dollar donation. First I met friends at the Holy Cow I ran into Mistress Lucinda Archer and her BF Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It was fun to hang out on the back patio. I ran into Kendra Knight also who I had not seen in a long while and met up my friend Nico who is visiting from Boston. We chatted and had a drink then my friend Lane showed up also. We were super hungry so we ventured out to try and find ahem
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It was really crowded and so many sexy gay boys aaaaah I love gay boys !!!
We were walking and I ran into more people Byron Knight and Jewel Marceau,
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Link who was working his pervy mustache; he had a hot date.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Another friend Tom who also had a hot date with amazing boobies.
He made me a wood paddle, hand crafted and he is going to carve my name in it for me also.
I thought that was really nice.

starving.....and hot and thirsty......
and well so was BATMAN so good to see him out and about
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Ok so then we finally made it to the Schnitzel Haus
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

and I ordered a German Brautwurst with kraut and potatoes with a coke.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There was a couple that walked in and waited in line one of the girls in a pony gag and then this guy came in who was wearing yellow rubber pants over a diaper and carrying his lawn chair on his back. Whoa....I mean I have seen some freaky shit and this was freaky.
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Back on the street and we're walking through so much madness naked boys, swinging dicks and men masturbating in public and whooo hooo drag queens. I saw some lesbian girls making out uh oh and hot leather boys grabbing groping each other.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Isn't San Francisco great !!!!! People can just come out and be kinky and freaky and well it's A-OK

 I did not get to shop much only because I kept running into friends
Mistress Selina Raven was there with her boy Cliff.
Cliff gotta new tattoo. It says "devoted"
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We then ventured over to this booth that sold kinky couture for tots. Kiddie Fetish Wear
YES IT IS TRUE !!!!!  Fetish wear for kids !!!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Winter Line is coming soon here is the link to the site where you can sign up for their newsletter http://www.fetishtots.com

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

and then as we were leaving I got my picture taken with a tranny living doll and a sexy guy with a mohawk !!! Oooooh a chick witha dick and a punk rock guy yeeeeeah this could be what I call a good time *wink* wink* 

And then there were these two cops walking by so I got my picture with them they were in the vacinity and well I do have a thing for men in uniform *shiver* They were pretty handsome cops too I might add. Oh the SFPD their kinky ahhaha you know it !!!


Sadly never made it to the Eagle and there was a line to get into the Cat Club boooo but it was a great day I had a blast. Just another day at the zoo.

I will be sure to update my youtube channel also with some video here's the link

More pictures coming soon.... on my facebook and myspace also and be sure to check the gallery for updates on my site www.simonekross.com

FOLSOM FUCKIN ROCKS itsa good time !!!!


Back from Los Angeles here's a full report

Well I am back from LA whew...just in time for Folsom Street Fair tomorrow. I am really excited about the fair it will be great to celebrate kink and leather pride.

Los Angeles was productive, I did a lot of photo shoots and I hope you like the new pictures there are more on the way. It was cool to do a video with smutty productions or the cbtandballbusting site. Always a pleasure to torture Kade and to work or play with him. I am really pleased to be doing more video and so my next trip to LA I hope to shoot more.

It was great to be able to hang out with Aaron Hawks. We had a little fun and the pictures are not really his style but I think we got some good ones. And we got lucky to have some drinks at the Tiki Ti one of my all time favorite spots for fancy tropical drinks. yum yum

Always cool to shoot with Michael Helms I thought we got some killer shots.

I also shot with Perry Gallagher and am waiting on the edited versions of the photo's. Some beautiful yet classic Femme Domme pictures I am certain.

I only had one real time session with a client who said he had waited one year to see me. Talk about patient. Needless to say for whatever reason our schedules just never lined up. This happens pretty frequently it seems when I visit LA, too bad. It was a really great session though lot's of strap on play and foot worship. Absolutely awesome and he was multi-orgasmic I mean WOW...

I know I missed seeing quite a few people but I will be back to LA soon.

I now have a you tube channel and will be adding more video's there. I have only one so far that Aaron shot me eating licorice and giggling it is kinda silly and gross but funny. It is great I can send iphone videos strait to youtube and so I will be able to share with you these clips. Check it out and be sure to check back for updates http://www.youtube.com/user/simonekrosskicksass
You can also register to my youtube channel and post comments.

Last night I ventured out to HOLLYWOOD to go see my good friend Lightin Woodcock play a show at cinespace. The show was great and Lightin can really shred a guitar plus his lyrics are filthy dirty. Give his band a listen http://www.myspace.com/lightninwoodcock

Always good to be home I have got to get some sleep and rest up. Tomorrow is FOLSOM STREET FAIR !!!!! I am really excited to be going once again can't ever get enough of those Leather Daddy's and boys in chaps I think I will definitely head over to the Eagle for a beer and chill on the back patio towards the later part of the day for sure. It is one of my favorite bars in San Francisco. Can't wait to shop at the vending booths for some new toys perhaps and I am sure to go over to Mr. S to oogle and obsess over more toys. It is the SM SUPER STORE after all.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cock and Ball Torture

Last night I did a shoot with Kade for Smutty Productions site http://cbtandballbusting.com
Kade can really take quite a bit of cock and ball torture it was impressive, no lie. I used a lot of clamps, forceps a lot of them and weights also ball stretching, whipping, cock biting and deep throat.
It was fun Kade really seems to enjoy the heavier play and I love a masochist. I used a new device I had not used before this steel ball crusher I nicknamed the juicer and I put Kade in a humbler and flogged him as well.

Here is a you tube video interview

Be sure to check out the site http://cbtandballbusting.com and watch for this upcoming video especially if you are into heavy CBT I think you will really enjoy this video.

All My Best,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The SF Bay Guardian Sex Issue

Check out the SF Bay Guardian Article the Annual Sex Issue The Bay's wonderful women of BDSM aren't bound by convention http://tinyurl.com/mu42x5

I am featured in the article alongside some other amazing women in the San Francisco's BDSM community. Be sure to pick up the paper or just link to the article

SIMONE KROSS, THE ROLLING STONE photographed by Constance Smith
"SIMONE KROSS, THE ROLLING STONE photographed by Constance Smith"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eye Candy

Another day of pictures...snap my picture....
Today I shot with Michael Helms and I was fashionably late of course...I had to go buy more eyelashes... *blink* blink* Workin the heart shaped sunglasses so more Eye Candy for ya be sure to check my website for photo updates www.simonekross.com

I am really having some fun modeling as always. It was a fantastic shoot. I really feel we did some great work today. The images are fun and sexy whoohoo

Playtime tomorrow...ow ow
More sexy fun in LA well I hope so anyway

Kinky Dreams
Simone Kross

Sunday, September 20, 2009

TRASHY ???? WHY, YES !!!!!!!!

Had an interesting shoot today with Aaron Hawks...
It started out my having the usual drama trying to put on my damned false eyelashes; this takes real talent. Well, I think we were trying too hard and we were going for the "dominatrix" style shots.
Who knows maybe we were both having an off day so we ordered some pizza and beer.

At best it was amusing the Simone Kross *Trashy* Photo Shoot is how it turned out hahaha well and maybe that is partly true ;-)

Aaron does not really like shooting "fetish"
He is more interested in shooting art although I know I am his favorite muse and we have come up with some pretty amazing stuff before we were not sure about the images we produced today. They are really very candid which is cool and well candid photography can be very telling.
I have updates the gallery section on my website www.simonekross.com