Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back from Los Angeles here's a full report

Well I am back from LA whew...just in time for Folsom Street Fair tomorrow. I am really excited about the fair it will be great to celebrate kink and leather pride.

Los Angeles was productive, I did a lot of photo shoots and I hope you like the new pictures there are more on the way. It was cool to do a video with smutty productions or the cbtandballbusting site. Always a pleasure to torture Kade and to work or play with him. I am really pleased to be doing more video and so my next trip to LA I hope to shoot more.

It was great to be able to hang out with Aaron Hawks. We had a little fun and the pictures are not really his style but I think we got some good ones. And we got lucky to have some drinks at the Tiki Ti one of my all time favorite spots for fancy tropical drinks. yum yum

Always cool to shoot with Michael Helms I thought we got some killer shots.

I also shot with Perry Gallagher and am waiting on the edited versions of the photo's. Some beautiful yet classic Femme Domme pictures I am certain.

I only had one real time session with a client who said he had waited one year to see me. Talk about patient. Needless to say for whatever reason our schedules just never lined up. This happens pretty frequently it seems when I visit LA, too bad. It was a really great session though lot's of strap on play and foot worship. Absolutely awesome and he was multi-orgasmic I mean WOW...

I know I missed seeing quite a few people but I will be back to LA soon.

I now have a you tube channel and will be adding more video's there. I have only one so far that Aaron shot me eating licorice and giggling it is kinda silly and gross but funny. It is great I can send iphone videos strait to youtube and so I will be able to share with you these clips. Check it out and be sure to check back for updates
You can also register to my youtube channel and post comments.

Last night I ventured out to HOLLYWOOD to go see my good friend Lightin Woodcock play a show at cinespace. The show was great and Lightin can really shred a guitar plus his lyrics are filthy dirty. Give his band a listen

Always good to be home I have got to get some sleep and rest up. Tomorrow is FOLSOM STREET FAIR !!!!! I am really excited to be going once again can't ever get enough of those Leather Daddy's and boys in chaps I think I will definitely head over to the Eagle for a beer and chill on the back patio towards the later part of the day for sure. It is one of my favorite bars in San Francisco. Can't wait to shop at the vending booths for some new toys perhaps and I am sure to go over to Mr. S to oogle and obsess over more toys. It is the SM SUPER STORE after all.


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