Sunday, September 27, 2009


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Folsom is just so damned HOT and well the freaks were out today no question hahahaha

I made it and found parking at the Costco walked over and there of course was one of the sisters of perpetual indulgence at the gate i paid my penance the $7 dollar donation. First I met friends at the Holy Cow I ran into Mistress Lucinda Archer and her BF Image Hosted by

It was fun to hang out on the back patio. I ran into Kendra Knight also who I had not seen in a long while and met up my friend Nico who is visiting from Boston. We chatted and had a drink then my friend Lane showed up also. We were super hungry so we ventured out to try and find ahem
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It was really crowded and so many sexy gay boys aaaaah I love gay boys !!!
We were walking and I ran into more people Byron Knight and Jewel Marceau,
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Link who was working his pervy mustache; he had a hot date.
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Another friend Tom who also had a hot date with amazing boobies.
He made me a wood paddle, hand crafted and he is going to carve my name in it for me also.
I thought that was really nice.

starving.....and hot and thirsty......
and well so was BATMAN so good to see him out and about
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Ok so then we finally made it to the Schnitzel Haus
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and I ordered a German Brautwurst with kraut and potatoes with a coke.
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There was a couple that walked in and waited in line one of the girls in a pony gag and then this guy came in who was wearing yellow rubber pants over a diaper and carrying his lawn chair on his back. Whoa....I mean I have seen some freaky shit and this was freaky.
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Back on the street and we're walking through so much madness naked boys, swinging dicks and men masturbating in public and whooo hooo drag queens. I saw some lesbian girls making out uh oh and hot leather boys grabbing groping each other.

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Isn't San Francisco great !!!!! People can just come out and be kinky and freaky and well it's A-OK

 I did not get to shop much only because I kept running into friends
Mistress Selina Raven was there with her boy Cliff.
Cliff gotta new tattoo. It says "devoted"
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We then ventured over to this booth that sold kinky couture for tots. Kiddie Fetish Wear
YES IT IS TRUE !!!!!  Fetish wear for kids !!!!!
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The Winter Line is coming soon here is the link to the site where you can sign up for their newsletter

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and then as we were leaving I got my picture taken with a tranny living doll and a sexy guy with a mohawk !!! Oooooh a chick witha dick and a punk rock guy yeeeeeah this could be what I call a good time *wink* wink* 

And then there were these two cops walking by so I got my picture with them they were in the vacinity and well I do have a thing for men in uniform *shiver* They were pretty handsome cops too I might add. Oh the SFPD their kinky ahhaha you know it !!!


Sadly never made it to the Eagle and there was a line to get into the Cat Club boooo but it was a great day I had a blast. Just another day at the zoo.

I will be sure to update my youtube channel also with some video here's the link

More pictures coming soon.... on my facebook and myspace also and be sure to check the gallery for updates on my site

FOLSOM FUCKIN ROCKS itsa good time !!!!



Anonymous said...

looks amazing
i wish i was there...

Sven said...

You look fantastic on these pictures. Folsom looks like a lot of fun, wished I was there too.

roquero said...

Love your Schnitzel Haus Pic. But Sauerkraut and Coke: no no no!! you need beer for that!! :-)

Anonymous said...

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