Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here Goes....

Hello and a Warm Welcome,
This is my new blog page. I am not sure what you should expect here there may be times when I just rant n rave or write about whatever is on my mind or what happens in my unusual world.

I will share with you my experiences, my journey as well as pictures, my thoughts, my opinions and my philosophy on BDSM. Even some of my writing some of which is more a stream of Consciousness. Some art, poetry, drawings or photographs and even video clips. My life; anything and everything goes here...and I would like to encourage you to jump in and participate also. Feel free ask questions and or post comments. I would really welcome your interaction and your thoughts as well.

The latest is that I have been working with
and shooting for the meninpain website.
and it has been a really great experience and so if you get a chance be sure to check out some of the video's.

I have been traveling quite a bit and have visited many different cities all over the country. The tour this year has been pretty amazing and I am back in beautiful sunny California now getting ready to head down to LA. I am once again based in the San Francisco Bay Area in Oakland, California. I am happy to be back home here although I am looking forward to coming down to Los Angeles. This visit I have a few photo shoots set up and will be available for sessions downtown at the at the Ivy Manor Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Once again welcome I hope you will enjoy my blog.

All My Best,
Simone Kross


Anonymous said...

Hello myLady Kross!

Congrats to Your new blog. i'm looking forward to read Your dominant thoughts, will enjoy new kinds of Your fantastic artwork and hope to listen to Your magic music!
i adore You, myLady, because of Your creative and intelligent kind of Female superiority and Your daunting cruelity! i love You and the way You are!

stay tuned, mats

doc said...

Great idea.

Looking forward to Uncensored Simone!!!