Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Shopping Excursion

Yesterday, I met with my friend Nico for some shopping at Mr. S and Madame S store'sin San Francisco.  I arrived and was checking everything out there is always something new to discover in making a special trip to this store. They have really high quality SM Gear. I have to say it is by far my favorite sex shop anywhere in the world.  Even while I was on tour I ventured into a few porno stores or novelty shops along the way and that is exactly what they are in comparison, novelty stores. If you are serious about your play Mr. S is the one stop SM SUPER STORE. Check out the website also http://www.mr-s-leather.com

Here are some pictures I took while being a lookie lou.....

Anal beads really large anal beads not those little pearl beads these are the real deal...

This is a rubber piss pot this is on my wish list for sure I never even knew it existed it would be remarkable for piss play and tiolet training...awesome !!!!

COCK can't get enough of this room full of the best quality Dildos So many to choose from and all of them remarkable

 Big Toy Fun Shop

And chances are you are going to need to Lube Up for the Job and they have all the creams and lubes ya need to get elbow deep

Mr. S had everything you need for Enema Play as well. Nozzles of all kinds including some really nice 4quart Silicone Bags and rubber tubing. I love enema sports !!! They also have the Sure Shot best get yourself one cuz they are amazing and, and they have stainless nozzle attachments.


Golden Consumption & Doggie play grrowl

Hand cuffs and Steel Bondage another Simone Kross Fave
seriously I am not just plugging Mr. S here I am really into this stuff and so you have a better idea of what I am into and what I like on maybe a more serious level. This kind of bondage is inescapable and great for the captive scene in addition to endurance bondage which is challenging hahaha
Those fur lined cuffs are silly cute but not really effective.

Ball Gags and Tape Mummification

Some nice folks checking out the implements for impact play. The single tails and canes are top of the line. and there is enough room in this store to try out a whip or two to see how it feels and cracks.

Interrogation Chair You will tell me everything wont you ? Or Else...

I am big dick obsessed *laughing*
I guess I have penis envy....

These are rubber sounds of various diameter. Eurethral play is also something I really truly enjoy in addition to the Elastratorwhich is used for castration games and severe ball torture. Ohhh Ohhh
Those Stainless Nozzles I mentioned before
so many to choose from. Looks pleasurable yes, it does.

After Mr. S it was time for lunch a late lunch and I was starving thank goodness for Hamburgers and Milkshakes and shiny shiny shoes !!!! Had to hit the Macy's for the MAC make up counter. This really nice guy helped me and gave me some make up tips. I got some new black smeary shadow and some glitter and shimmer lip gloss. Pretty falsie eyelashes too. We also made a trip to  Agent Provocateur I got a really cute ploka dot bra and panty set super sexy http://www.agentprovocateur.com

I finally found the Boots I have been looking for aaaaaah. A victoran style boot with the real snap buttons and so If you really really want to make me happy these are the thing !!! I love these shoes and of course they are COACH. The slave that buys me these shoes gets a reward.

Blue Suede Shoes !!!!!!   I MUST HAVE these I think you can understand WHY

It was another amazing day....I will say though SHOE SHOPPING is TORTURE !!!!


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