Sunday, September 20, 2009

TRASHY ???? WHY, YES !!!!!!!!

Had an interesting shoot today with Aaron Hawks...
It started out my having the usual drama trying to put on my damned false eyelashes; this takes real talent. Well, I think we were trying too hard and we were going for the "dominatrix" style shots.
Who knows maybe we were both having an off day so we ordered some pizza and beer.

At best it was amusing the Simone Kross *Trashy* Photo Shoot is how it turned out hahaha well and maybe that is partly true ;-)

Aaron does not really like shooting "fetish"
He is more interested in shooting art although I know I am his favorite muse and we have come up with some pretty amazing stuff before we were not sure about the images we produced today. They are really very candid which is cool and well candid photography can be very telling.
I have updates the gallery section on my website


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