Saturday, October 10, 2009

Can I Pack It All into One Suitcase ?

Today, I had a wonderful spanking session a kind of reunion session with a dear slave. We have played on so many levels together that I have to say a spanking session is one that I really love. It is simple but so amazing and catherdic. Given I play or can play on so many levels it is nice to have relaxing spankie spankie time. I love the variations and the variety of sessions. So many different kinds of experiences and that was always what I was after in being able to play full range. Anyway, it was cool and fun.

I have been packing and getting ready to back down to Los Angeles so it has been a lot of organization, doing laundry and being crazy making sure I have  everything and that I am not forgetting anything.

This is a photo of my room and my packing mess....almost ready...LA gonna get on the road tomorrow.

My thoughts are rushing through my head at rapid speed as I make mental notes and wonder what this trip has in store. I have another photo shoot with Aaron Hawks of course. I will be doing a video with Fetish Nation and this time a girl girl shoot with Mz. Berlin so that is exciting. In addition to that I will be doing another video with Smutty Productions so more CBT torture. Cock and Ball torture !!!!!!

I looking forward to seeing friends also and doing some fun things; music I hope soooo ;-)
I want to go see that new zombieland movie gotta check that out. 

And of course sessions more more more !!!!!! I think perhaps I would go mad crazy if I did not get to play and tease and torment men. So get on your knees and crawl to the dungeon to see me. DO IT

I happened to come across this book,  The Deviants Pocket Guide to the Outlandish Sexual Desires Barely Contained in Your Subconscious by Dennis Diclaudio
I highly recommend it in case you need to better define your particular kink and or fetish. It a fun and informative book and contains most every fetish you could think of and maybe a few that you have not thought of.

For those who are interested in BDSM the first thing is defining for the newbies and even those who have oodles of experience it is good to review


and yes there will be a test

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