Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Stuff

There seems to be some folks that have expressed some concern because of my inactivity on my blog or on twitter. I am on facebook everyday if you wish to interact with me there. I am feeling I should get back to Blogging and so I will do that however the thing is I am just going to blab about or say whatever in here about whatever I feel like...that is the deal. so it might not always be perverted i guess it will depend on my mood. So to put some of my followers at ease just letting you know I am fine and I will see if I can become more active. I guess I needed a break for a bit.

I am now available for session in downtown LA at my private studio and the place has come together really nicely.  So things are positive, things are good.  I am looking to build a more regular client base and getting to know some more kinksters in the LA area so I need to get out and about. I got word that LA Dom Con is coming up so I will have to look into that I would really like to attend.

Things have been pretty chill...hopefully they will get more interesting......

Okay and so I am off to go have drinks with a friend

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