Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Y dominatrix...I get the whole power kick, butt what makes U wanna B mistress? Personally I reserve the right 2 B a BITCH; and am not in2 humiliation; what has happened in Ur life that has given U such a desire?

Well you may reserve the right to be a bitch, I suppose all women do. I am not really a bitch though I am actually pretty down to earth and nice. I suppose I was destined to become a Mistress. I fell in love with a very kinky man and I started working as a professional submissive in 96' and then started switching a bit he taught me how to dominate him and I trained under some pretty amazing Mistresses at the Shadows a house of BDSM in Oakland. My becoming a Mistress just happened; it was and is my path in life I suppose. I feel that bdsm can be a very spiritual, healing and cathartic experience it is not just about the power kick it is about power exchange. I feel I can connect with people who desire to play out their sexual fantasies and I am able to bring those fantasies to life for some. It is very interpersonal work. I enjoy being a Mistress most of the time there are days of course when I might not be in the mood but if I have a session on one of those days it tends to bring me into a different head space which is good. I am able to differentiate between my persona and who I really am. Being a Mistress has been and is an amazing life's journey. I have had both good times and hard times but I have been passionate about it and true to it's philosophies and committed to excellence.

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