Thursday, April 29, 2010

You mentioned having a personal slave "is like having a relationship of sorts", does that mean that your slaves aren't meaningful to you. I mean either it is a real personal relationship or it isn't, just business perhaps.

Here is the thing....I am a PRO-DOMME
so there is the business end of this right...I care a great deal actually about my clients. Clients have different needs and they are NOT really slaves. This slave thing the term is thrown around so loosely. I think I care too much actually. I give careful consideration to those who ask to be my personal slave I would want to be able to have all the open communication that I would in a relationship. It depends on the individual I am negotiating with though. Slaves have different desires and needs and what about mine. There is still give and take in relationships they cannot be one sided. Comunication is key. I have been in life style 24/7 BDSM relationships and also done my "JOB" I like my "JOB" It seems like people think it's all about the money. I have been a pro-domme for 13 years now do you think that is all about the money because sometimes I might make a $1000 bucks in a week and sometimes nothing at all. I never know... I guess what it comes down to is this, I really like what I do and I am damn good at it. I got one hell of a reputation (laughing) Some people are even scared to call me since the word is I am a true sadist but I tailor the sessions to the client. I play within their parameters and or limits. I am into most everything so I enjoy it I get off on it, Especially psychologically !!!

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