Monday, May 24, 2010

Do you eat meat or are you a vegan or just an omnivore? What is your favorite cut of meat?

I eat whatever I want...I have not been eating as much red meat lately now I am eating more fish. I am not a vegetarian not now I have been. I seem to always go back to eating meat. I need a lot of protein to keep my energy up. Last year I had slowly cut back on all meat and cooked food and got into a raw food diet but then I started to travel quite a bit. It is difficult to maintain a raw food I think and I like all kinds of food. I want to be healthy. I naturally crave fresh food. I snack quite a bit and don't eat many heavy meals. My favorite cut of meat is a fillet minion...steak. It's been a hwile since I have had a steak. I ate a burger a few weeks ago and I had not had red meat in a while, it made feel a bit light headed. salad is great. I like Thai food and Japanese food. Chicken and fish usually. I do not eat a lot of carbs.

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