Monday, May 3, 2010

Do you have the single tail skills to do a permanent mark on a slaves back? And does it turn you on to do it? Can you get an ass virgin slave with a tight hole into fisting in his first session and if not how long does it takes?

Permanent marks are more significant and in my opinion should have deep meaning. I have the single tail skills to draw blood and can leave marks and have but to leave a more lasting mark or impression I would want it to really truly mean something to the submissive. I have left a lasting impression on some slaves. This whole subject of whether or not certain activities turn me on why do I feel as if I am always having to convince people that this is "real" for me. Yes, it is a turn on and yes I get off on it or I wouldn't bother to engage in these activities. Also, in regards to marks I only leave marks on those submissives who request marks and I don't just lay into someone.

To answer the second question, a first timer who is a as you say a virgin slave will not be able to accept an entire fist. You have to do anal training to be able to get into fisting usually and since each persons body is different the time it takes to train varies; stretching and dilating are important. So no I would not do this in a first session or with a first timer. You gotta work up to this sort of play and be in the right head space for it as well.

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