Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you think that the LA market has become saturated with Pro-dommes?? Would you be for or against licensing the trade, legitimize it with a registration, to kind of thin out the herd?

No I would not wish to license or register the trade then we would have all these so called "regulations." Big cities or major métropolitain cities tend to have more Domina's it's been the way. LA has been considered oversaturated with Mistresses for many years BUT it would seem that certain women build good reputations and the subs can pick and choose who they like to see. It is sometimes difficult I think for subs to find the "right" Mistress to serve. One they have chemistry with and that he may click with. I don't think it is necessary to thin the herd so to speak. *laughing* I think if women get into this thinking they are going to make a quick buck they are mistaken. Being a Pro-Domme you have have to have a certain mindset and training. There are safety issues. I'm not sure certification might be cool but what client is going to ask for certification. It's not like you can go to college and learn how to become a Dominatrix it is a personal journey and one of discovery. A school of Hard Knocks. *laughing* So many Mistresses it amazing over the years with the internet how many women have got into the industry. I was told long ago that most only last up to three years and some not even that long and to be a career girl well you gotta really be dedicated and have a real love BDSM and you have to have a lot of tolerance and patience and passion to maintain longevity. We all have a shelf life.

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