Monday, May 3, 2010

A few years ago, your website linked to some vignettes you had written. I can’t locate them anymore but they were stunning. Have you written more? Would you ever consider publishing them?

I have not been writing in that style for some time now. I am sure I have some samples of the previous text saved. I had not really considered publishing any of it. I felt it was stream of consciousness there is no real structure to the writing at all. It was kind of an autobiographical fiction of sorts. I have a lot of writing that is unfinished and unpublished. I wasn't really certain it was something that could be considered for a book. I'm not sure it would or does make sense to people. I have been writing more lyrical stuff these days. Songs...I suppose I could get back into the erotica. The thing is though I do not only come from a position of Dominance in the previous work I also utilize a female submissive voice based on my personal experiences. I'm not sure but this can be confusing for some if they have one idea about me and that idea is that I am only a "Dominatrix" and that's it that's all. I am an artist as well. I don't like that I feel I have to fit into one category. It seems you like the writing, I am flattered.

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