Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey I was wondering if I could set up a session...ok just kidding, do you ever get nervous before a session, especially with a new client? If what behaviors from the new client cause this nervous response?

*smiles* Actually, yes with a new client I can get a bit nervous just because I really don't know what to expect and it is hard to know what will transpire. Sometimes it is difficult because I feel I have to live up to a certain kind of expectation. Once, I meet and talk with the new client I feel more at ease. My confidence is there it is just that not knowing feeling and the hope for a real connection in the session. Once the session is going it is usually fine and more often than not it is a good experience. I don't like feeling like my client is a kind of "secret shopper" You know what I mean ? There are clients that write reviews and critique the Mistresses for certain forums and this fine it's just I am not interested in passing a test to see if I make the grade as a Mistress. Nervous ? Sure sometimes.

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