Friday, May 7, 2010

Isn't there a danger of tipping over into sexual service though?

There a lot of gray areas when it comes to the biz...
if there is money exchange and arousal that is classified as prostitution. put a camera in the room and make porno have everyone provide two forms of ID and it's not illegal. There have been vice busts in some cities and girls charged with counts of prostitution for have unopened condoms in the space. Strap on play is risky but....Dommes have been doing strap on for years n years n years.
We try not to talk about it on the phone much for obvious reasons and no one wants to deal with vice cops or to get arrested that's no fun.

I would rather fuck my lover or lovers that is the bottom line.
I don't want to fuck just any slave that walks in my door and offers me money. Clients now see all these video's and these gals who are "Mistresses" who are fucking their "slaves" I hate to break the myth but really they are porn stars fucking porn stars it's a movie folks a movie it's not real. And, it damn fine entertainment.

The internet and the fetish porno industry has changed the client in a lot of respects. They have all these fantasies and they think to themselves they want to go see a Pro-Domme and they can do exactly a scene like what they see on Men in Pain or Divine Bitches this is not so.

Yeah, there is a danger I never said I wasn't tempted to want to have sex with a client here n there or have had a strong attraction for some guys I have had sessions with. Guys have offered me amazing amounts of money to fuck them more than what the porno company pays that is a fact and I have still turned it down. Oh well... I don't do brown showers either I have my limits too I wish people would respect them.

I've sucked cock on film that doesn't mean I'm gonna suck my clients cock. Business is business and video is a different business from the Pro-Domme live session industry. Always has been.

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