Friday, May 7, 2010

Lately I Have noticed many people referring to someone as a "dear friend" or "one of my dearest friends", do you use this term? and if so at what point does someone go from friend to a dear dear friend?

Yes, I have used this term and I have "friends" and then there are friends who are much closer to me.
I have fake friends or people who say they are my friend but in reality probably not so much. It is rare I use this term unless it applies. For instance, I have know this gal since I was in my twenties we were "friends" room mates a long while ago, always kept in touch she has been there for me and never judged me. She has been a supportive and positive influence in my life. I feel I could call her at any hour on any day. She is vibrant and generous. I would say she is my "dear friend" I do not feel this way about a lot people. I have amazing friends and good friends and not so good friends and friends that if even I do not talk with them for long periods of time and then just call it is like there was never any distance between us.
Friends I hold closer to my chest or in my heart I would consider them dear friends.

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