Friday, May 7, 2010

Sorry to hear of the flaker, on that subject I have noticed a proliferation of "full service" dommes and from what I understand some actually are real dommes and have great skills, how do you feel about the "full service" dommes?

I have no issue with full service Dommes if they wish to provide full service that is their business.

However, I have never offered full service and since doing fetish porn with I get way more calls for full service but I don't engage in sex in live in person sessions. I have been stating this over and over again just to drive the point home I guess I need to keep repeating myself. I don't want to it puts my business at risk and well it's not legal. I liked doing the fetish porno but only with outstanding companies like

When it comes to the independent Pro-Domme Business I have I have a reputation and my integrity to maintain.

It was a standard rule for as long as I can remember the NO SEX rule.
I am sure there are those Mistresses who have done it anyway or broken the rule but....

Full service sessions well, I just don't want to "do it" it doesn't match my philosophy about BDSM at all.

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