Monday, May 10, 2010

What do you think is the biggest misconception currently in the world of BDSM?

That it is all about pain, in my opinion it is about the power dynamics. The seduction of it is where the control is; to be seduced into accepting moreto be sexually open. It seems most people seem to think it is about the aspects of pain and humiliation. BDSM is ultimately about dominance and submission. There are many activities and things to do to a person to create stimuli. It is about how to initiate and create a session within a specific context.
The mind is our greatest sex organ. BDSM is about our fantasies being brought to life. To trust our play partners and to let go. There are the formalities and the ritual of the play. Not everyone is into pain I would say most people are not masochists and the word fetish is certainly misused so much of the time. BDSM is like great foreplay. The visual of it can come off as frighting or intimidating and I have talked to people they say I'm not into pain, you don't have to into pain. I would say it is about the psychology and it is the psychology that is misinterpreted.

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