Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You are going to Domcon LA, what do you usually get out of an event such as that? What is typically the highlight for you? Finding more clients, other dommes, good food?

Yes, I plan to attend. It is strange ya know I have always traveled in the convention circuit but I have not ever been to LA's DomCon. I am excited to go because I will be able to reconnect with friends and folks in LA and now that I live here it will be a good thing. I have never really gained more clients by going to a Con though and the food is terrible usually. It is the shopping, the workshops, the people and the parties. I like going to the conventions I used to go to BondCon is Vegas years ago and I have been attending FetCon in Florida for a number of years now and have been to a few events in London.

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