Monday, June 7, 2010

If I saw you on the street, what would be the best way to approach you if I wanted your autograph?

Get down on your hands and knees and crawl to me and ask me for my signature. you can then beg for permission to stand up and then you can drop your pants to your ankles i will sign your ass in black sharpie & then you can go get it tattooed, permanently.

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Whats your sign?

I am a LEO

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What kind of sunglasses do you wear?

I have a plain pair of basic black cheap sunglasses and I have a pair of GUCCI both kind of give me that Jackie O look

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Do you wear sunscreen? If so what SPF?

Yes, I wear sunscreen and the highest SPF possible...gotta protect my skin and my tattoos.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Now that you've settled into LA what do you think? I have found that everyone talks about how creative they are, you know, " I'm so creative I have an art gallery", blah, they make me puke, but really, they are all just followers not many with real genius

I don't go out I have not met many new people here. Uhmmm I don't know LA is a strange place. I have friends here who I like who are not full of shit so that is a good thing.

This town can be all about networking and bullshit though it can be annoying when every time you go somewhere someone says, "do you have a business card" HAHA Why yes I do..... Or "what do you do ?" You cannot really make a blanket statement about "everyone" in LA. People here seem to be here to "WORK" so that's it right...they are trying to BE SOMEBODY or make IT.

I don't know....I like going to a few select places and I have yet to explore much outside of the studio since I have been working day and night to get the business organized and up n running. I have a lot of projects.

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Are you for real or is this dominatrix thing just BS?

Yes, I am for real....Why would I live or devote my life to a philosophy or a career for well over 13 years if I was not for real ? I would say I am more real than most women are...Most people know I am the "real deal"

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Do you prefer leather or latex?

I have no preference I like both leather and latex. I do not have a preference for one or the other.

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If you could change one thing about your physical appearance, what would it be?

I guess I would have my birthmark removed if it would leave no scar and I have one ear that sticks out a bit. Really though realistically I would probably not alter or change anything. I do not believe in going under the knife unless it is to save my life.

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Have you ever had a sub turn the tables on you during a session and try to dominate you?

No..not really....

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What book are you currently reading?

I am reading many books at once but I have been super busy lately so no real down time right now. I have been reading through or reviewing some books on SM because I want to put together a curriculum for workshops. I have been reading DeSade Justine Philosophy & Other Writings in addition to some other books on post modernist theory.

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What is your natural hair color?

mousey ash brown

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Have yo ever been convicted of a crime and if so did you serve time?

i got arrested in my twenties for driving without registration and insurance. I was broke was the third time I was ticketed for this and so they took me downtown to the jail house. I was in a holding cell overnight the night before Christmas Eve Day. 24 hours...of cops singing Christmas carols ugh, a cracked out homeless woman, a few prostitutes and a black girl who told me she stabbed her BF but was cool to me because I had tattoos.
A good friend posted bail for me. ;-) I will say this I would not want to spend any real time in was interesting though spending the night. *laughing* I have had a few other run ins with "the law" but never served time.
I have a clean record.

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My favorite thing about you is your laugh.


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Hi, who trained you? Dominants say tha behind each dominant woman lies a dominant man.. is that true?

I was not formally trained by any one person. I had a boyfriend who was into kink and he taught me how to top him. He was into some heavy duty SM.
When I first started at The Shadows, a house of BDSM in Oakland, I worked with many MIstresses of the house who trained me. The Master of the house really taught me a lot and opened me up to this world in so many ways. I would say in my case the dominant men were most influential but the MIstresses I worked with were also incredible. I would not say that behind each and every dominant woman lies a dominant man however. I have also taken many workshops, read many books and watched other people play. I have learned from many many people and I would say I have learned a lot from personal experience in sessions as well. I feel I developed my own personal style of play and really it is amazing to feel so empowered in the play and having the knowledge and the skill level really contributes to my creativity. I have a wicked devious mind, I have a real passion for SM. I feel somehow I was meant to become a Dominatrix. I have had many mentors and teachers.

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When you are just hanging around at home loafing what do you typically wear? PJ's, a corset, a strap on, or nothing at all?

t-shirt n leggings, jeans and a t-shirt, topless in panties or nothing at all

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When you and your other Domme friends get to together for a sleep over do you typically strip down to your bra and panties and have a tickle fight? And then maybe go out and shop for pretty ribbons and bows?? Be honest!

haha no I can't say this has ever

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I am always amazed that Dommes know so much about inflicting pain. Have you ever studied anatomy? How do you know how to build a crescendo of pain?

I have studies some anatomy yes...mostly male anatomy. Building a crescendo of pain is about tuning in to my submissive mostly. Building up to it and knowing that when I get a sub into head space they can take more from me or for me.

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Do you get into SPH? I have some pics posted at if you'd like to see.

*laughing* yes, i like small penis

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is it true that a guy showed up at your place with 27 inches last week ? How was that for you ?

hahahahaha yes, that is true...27" *smiles* whoa man

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I see you are planning a play party, is it for couples only or single slaves will be able to get your attention and to play as well? my fantasy is to wear womens cloth and to be pimped out, can it be done in such a party?

I am hosting and plan to host many more play parties, yes. This party is for couples only. Which means you can come with a date or your Mistress if you have one, Master & Slaves Mistresses and Slaves. Boyfriend Girlfriend Husband Wife , If you are gay, lesbian trans gender is all fine with me but no single person will be admitted. You must be open minded, follow protocol and above all be into BDSM. safe, sane and consensual play.

I would like to host MIstress/Slave parties also in the future. In regards to what you are asking this kind of party would be more suitable to your request.

For people who want to attend these very exclusive parties you absolutely MUST BE ON MY PRIVATE MAILING LIST. or you will not get the invitations and you will miss out on the sexy fun.

So once again email me a request to

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Mistress Simone, you're so beatufil, i love you!

Thank you....

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are you free tonight

who's askin ?

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what's the perfume you wear?

Hanae More, Narciso Rodriguez (in the black bottle) or Dolce & Gabbana "the one"

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i want to be spanked

i'm sure you deserve a good spanking '-)

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