Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hi, who trained you? Dominants say tha behind each dominant woman lies a dominant man.. is that true?

I was not formally trained by any one person. I had a boyfriend who was into kink and he taught me how to top him. He was into some heavy duty SM.
When I first started at The Shadows, a house of BDSM in Oakland, I worked with many MIstresses of the house who trained me. The Master of the house really taught me a lot and opened me up to this world in so many ways. I would say in my case the dominant men were most influential but the MIstresses I worked with were also incredible. I would not say that behind each and every dominant woman lies a dominant man however. I have also taken many workshops, read many books and watched other people play. I have learned from many many people and I would say I have learned a lot from personal experience in sessions as well. I feel I developed my own personal style of play and really it is amazing to feel so empowered in the play and having the knowledge and the skill level really contributes to my creativity. I have a wicked devious mind, I have a real passion for SM. I feel somehow I was meant to become a Dominatrix. I have had many mentors and teachers.

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